Hola! My name is Jenny Chu. I was born and raised in California, lived in Las Vegas for a couple years and now I’ve been living abroad in Barcelona for 3+ years. I’m a proud owner of my lovely Shiba Inu (Señor Nobu) I’m a breast cancer survivor (read my story), snowboarder, foodie, and now I spend my time looking for great travel deals.

My Family

I couldn’t imagine living without my puppers so I found a way to fly him overseas. You can read about it here. Living in Barcelona means I can fly to many other countries for really cheap if booked early! I’m constantly checking google flights and sky scanner for cheap deals. I’ve flown to London for 17€ and I’ve seen deals to Paris for 5€!

Every year I travel back to the US for a month for around Thanksgiving and 1 month I dedicate to snowboarding with my Epic Pass.


Check out my blogs on my travel site YouDontHaveToBeRichToTravel.com and you can see how affordable travel can be.